Harmonizing Hearts and Minds

Our Approach: Empowering Through Creativity

We believe in transformative potential of creativity, play, and connection for people of every background and ability. Music supports our innate capacity to build relationships, find meaning in the world around us, and make meaningful change through the expressive power of creativity. 

Our approach to music therapy is rooted in being trauma-informed, radically affirming, family-centered, and centered around social justice practices We aim to foster environments that nurtures and supports clients on their unique journeys. Through this approach, clients are not only encouraged to explore themselves through music, art, movement, and play, and play but also gain life skills that extend far beyond the realm of artistic expression. This approach facilitates healing, self-discovery, and personal growth, ultimately leading to stigma-breaking, boundary-shattering, and truly joyful lives for clients and their families.

Non-judgemental collaboration, exploration, and self-advocacy are central to all aspects of our work. We are a LGBTQIA+ and Disabled-owned business committed to the liberation of all people and communities living in a world designed for their exclusion: Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian & Pacific Islander, LGBTQIA+, Disabled, Neurodivergent, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Undocumented Migrants, Fat, those impacted by the criminal justice system, and other under-resourced and under-represented peoples. 

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