What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy weaves music-based experiences and a collaborative, therapeutic relationship together to support the wellbeing of people in a variety of areas of life: emotional and behavioral health, cognition, communication, movement, social relationships, and other client-identified areas for growth. There are no requirements for musical experience and clients can expect for their favorite music, instruments, and creative modalities to be prioritized in every session. Music therapy is accessible for people of all ages, abilities, experiences, and identities. 

Board-certified music therapists (MT-BC) are credentialed by the Certification Board for Music Therapists following a board certification exam, 1200 supervised practice hours, and a robust education in music theory and practice, psychology, human development, and how to use music as a therapeutic support to cognitive, social, emotional, communicative, and physical development. Music therapists in Wisconsin (WMTR) are registered through State of Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services in order to ensures that the public has access to services by qualified professionals. 

The American Music Therapy Association is the organization dedicated to the education, professional standards, and advocacy for music therapy in the United States. Their Code of Ethics and Standards of Clinical Practice guide music therapists across the country to provide high-quality music therapy services and protect clients from undue harm.

Music therapy sessions might include:

  • Instrument exploration and play
  • Singing and Rapping
  • Songwriting
  • Digital music making
  • Movement to music
  • Creative play
  • Art-making 
  • Sensory exploration
  • Music-based relaxation 

Is Music Therapy for Me?

Music therapy is for any person who thinks it might benefit them, their child, or family! Music therapists are trained to adapt therapeutic goals and musical experience for people of all ages, abilities, and musical interests. Even if you "can't hold a tune" or have never picked up an instrument before, you can have a variety of meaningful musical experiences with a music therapist that will connect to the areas of your life you hope to enrich, improve, or explore.

Music therapy might be an especially good fit if you, your child, or family

  • Are looking for a creative way to explore and express themselves
  • Like to sing, listen to music, or make their own music
  • Want to experience a different from of support than traditional talk-based therapies
  • Searching for adaptive and affirming mental health care for a Disabled, Neurodivergent, non-speaking person

Do You Accept Insurance?

Chromatic Creative Arts Therapy is an approved Children's Long Term Support Program (CLTS) Medicaid Waiver provider in Dane and Jefferson Counties. If you are currently a CLTS participant, please provide your case manager's information when inquiring about services.

Chromatic Creative Arts Therapy is not in-network with any private insurance companies but we are happy to provide you with a Superbill, which can be submitted by a service user to their insurance company for potential reimbursement. 

Private pay sessions are available on a sliding scale fee from $55 to $120 per hour ($75 - $140 for evaluations) based on family size and income relative to the current year's Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG). 

Sliding Fee Schedule:

  • Less than 150% of FPG: $55/hr
  • Less than 175% of FPG: $60/hr
  • Less than 200% of FPG: $65/hr
  • Less than 225% of FPG: $70/hr
  • Less than 250% of FPG: $80/hr
  • Less than 275% of FPG: $90/hr
  • Less than 300% of FPG: $105/hr
  • More than 325% of FPG: $120/hr

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