Owner and Board-Certified Music Therapist

Emme Hooks, MT-BC, WMTR (they/them)

Emme Hooks, founder and owner of Chromatic Creative Arts Therapy, LLC, is a dedicated and compassionate board-certified music therapist with a profound commitment to improving the lives of neurodivergent youth. Their journey in the field of music therapy began in 2021, when they achieved board certification. Emme holds a Bachelor’s of Music in Music Therapy, complemented by a minor in Communication Sciences and Disorders, earned from Appalachian State University in North Carolina.

Emme's dedication to their craft led them to complete a rigorous 1,200-hour clinical internship at a community creative arts therapy practice in New Hampshire. Since June 2021, Emme has been bringing the healing power of music therapy to the community in Wisconsin.

In March 2022, Emme established Chromatic Creative Arts Therapy, LLC, driven by a vision of providing community-based music therapy services. Their focus is on supporting the developmental and mental health of disabled, neurodivergent, and LGBTQIA+ young people. Emme's approach is characterized by a commitment to trauma-informed care, radical affirmation, and a family-centered philosophy, all of which contribute to holistic wellness.

Emme's specialization lies in working with disabled, neurodivergent, LGBTQIA+, and trauma-impacted young individuals. They are deeply passionate about addressing the youth mental health crisis, helping LGBTQIA+ youth navigate their unique journeys, and bridging the gaps in mental health care, especially for autistic, intellectually disabled, and non-speaking individuals.

Emme's dedication to expanding their expertise is evident in their pursuit of a Master of Social Work at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Their focus on youth trauma and substance abuse counseling complements their work as music therapists, allowing them to provide comprehensive support to young people and their families. Emme's commitment to enriching lives through music, the creative arts, and traditional counseling methods continues to drive positive change in their community.

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