Music Therapy

Group Music Therapy

Group music therapy sessions provide individuals with a valuable opportunity to establish connections with other participants and their therapist. These sessions enable clients to use their preferred instruments and music to express themselves, connect with others, and explore new ideas and skills.

Each group session is uniquely crafted, taking into account the strengths and goals of each individual and the collective group dynamic. Regardless of prior musical experience, participants can engage in instrument play, singing, songwriting, movement to music, music-based relaxation, and other creative arts activities.

Potential goal areas encompass enhancing emotional regulation and positive coping skills, developing verbal and non-verbal communication, improving gross and fine motor skills, nurturing interpersonal relationships, and boosting self-confidence.

Group music therapy offers a cost-effective and engaging means of supporting social and personal growth. Sessions are available in short-term, long-term, closed, and drop-in formats, accommodating a range of preferences and needs. Group music therapy sessions are offered at a tiered cost ($145–$165 per hour) based on the frequency and duration of services. For locations outside of the 53711 and 53717 zip codes, a $10 travel fee per visit will be applied.

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